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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your application requirements?

While we appreciate any information you may provide about yourself, INNOVA REALTY DOES NOT PRE-SCREEN applicants. Read our General Qualifications below carefully and thoroughly before applying.
Once your complete rental application is received, we will attempt to obtain a consumer report for each applicant and will verify the information you provided through our different sources. Only consumer reports generated by Innova Realty will be considered during our screening process. No exceptions.

Innova Realty accepts multiple applications at the same time, unless otherwise stated on the rental listing.

Innova Realty will attempt to obtain your screening report. Your report should show:
1. Satisfactory credit profile/history such as no late payments, no “write-offs” accounts, no collection accounts.
2. Foreclosure or Short Sale are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
3. No rent judgments, evictions or any derogatory accounts relating housing.
4. Bankruptcy is OK as long as it has been discharged and credit has met the above requirements since.
Scenarios that don’t comply with the requirements listed above, any or all, may be subject to an increased deposit or denial of the application.

1. Minimum of 12 months of steady work history from unbiased source.
2. Income (gross) must be at least three times the monthly rental amount.
3. Verifiable source of income is required in the form of:
– If you are an employee: you MUST present at least two months, most recent ones, of payroll pay stubs from your current employer.
– If you are self-employed or independent contractor: you MUST present last two years tax returns AND documentation that supports income is still ongoing for current year.
4. If you are relocating from another state or have been offered a new job: you MUST present either a transfer letter or offer letter from employer. The letter must be on company letterhead, indicate your full name, income, and location.
5. Bank statements alone are not considered verifiable source of income.

1. You must present verifiable rental/residence history for the last 5 years.
2. Rent judgments, evictions, or derogatory accounts relating housing are NOT accepted.
3. A satisfactory Verification of Residence from unbiased sources is required. Your current and/or previous landlord will be contacted. You are responsible for providing your Landlord’s valid contact information: full name, e-mail, and phone number. You may be required to produce a minimum of three months of rent receipts or canceled checks.
4. An unsatisfactory or unverifiable Rental/Residence History will affect the outcome of your application.

SECURITY DEPOSITS: Listed below are the deposits required PRIOR to moving in:
1. Depending on approval terms, a minimum of one month rent for security deposit or higher (refundable).
2. Landlord may offer an opportunity to applicants with FICO score lower than 650 which will be subject to contingencies.
3. $350.00 for pet deposit (refundable) per pet, if applicable. Pet Deposit amount may vary depending on the property, please, check rental listing information.
4. Cleaning Deposit, varies from property to property. Please, check rental listing information.

1. Our Pet Policy requires that all applicants -not only pet or animal owners- complete their Pet Screening profile. If you DO NOT have a pet/animal you still have to complete your Pet Screening profile which will be free of charge to you.
2. Innova Realty uses a third-party platform for pet screening which offers a friendly and secure environment for your and your pet’s / animal’s information.
3. Begin your Pet Screening profile by going online to https://innova-pm.petscreening.com/.
4. A complete Pet Screening Profile is part of the rental application, REQUIRED. If it is not received the rental application will be considered incomplete and will affect the outcome of the same.

1. One-time $150.00 Tenant Administration Fee (non-refundable), to be paid prior to move in.
2. One-time Key Fee $125.00 (non-refundable), to be paid prior to move-in.
3. Monthly $50.00 Resident Benefit Package (non-refundable), additional to monthly rent and due along with monthly rent. Among other benefits includes HVAC filters delivered to tenant. Tenant cannot opt-out.
4. Rush Move-in Fee $200.00 (non-refundable). Our application process takes four business days to be completed, average. If you wish to move-in before that time frame you will have to pay a Rush Move-In Fee prior to move-in.

1. Applicant MUST see the property, interior and exterior, REQUIRED.
2. A Real Estate Agent MUST show you the property. You may contact any Real Estate Agent of your choice to schedule the showing at your own leisure. You will be required to provide your Real Estate Agent’s contact information: full name, phone number, and company name.
3. Applying prior to viewing the property will delay our process and may affect the outcome of your application.

1. Property occupancy is subject to local law.
2. If approved, only the persons on the rental application, including dependents, will be authorized to occupy the property. Make sure you include all persons who intend to live in the property on the application. All 18 years-old and above must submit a separate rental application.
3. If approved, only the pets/animals on the rental application will be authorized to occupy the property. Make sure you include all pet/animals that intend to occupy the property and complete your Pet Screening report online via https://innova-pm.petscreening.com/.

– Co-signers must meet all of the above criteria, submit their own and separate rental application, submit their rental application fee, and submit all documents indicated above to be considered acceptable.
– Only one co-signer per home is acceptable.
– In the event the application is approved, co-signers will be included on the Lease Agreement as a co-lessee and will be considered financially responsible throughout the lease term.
– An applicant’s friend may not serve as co-signer.

– Two or more non-related adults who intend to occupy the property will be considered as roommates.
– There will be an additional Security Deposit for roommates. The amount to be determined upon application results.


Other Information:

1. Make sure you fill out the application completely. Please do not leave anything blank. If it doesn’t apply to you, mark the box N/A. WE WILL NEED A COMPLETED APPLICATION FOR EACH ADULT OVER THE AGE OF 18 WHO INTENDS TO OCCUPY THE PROPERTY.

2. All occupants are required to present their valid driver’s license or ID card. You may also scan and email a copy of your driver’s license or ID Card with the completed application to Info@InnovaRM.com. Please, reference your name and property address in the subject line. (This is needed for each applicant).

3. Proof of income. All income qualifying occupants are required to present their last two months of pay stubs. If you are self-employed or independent contractor, you are required to present last two years tax returns and at least last two months bank statements. You may also email any other sufficient proof of income to info@InnovaRM.com (This is required for all employed/working applicants).

4. Please make sure to complete your online application by paying the $75.00 Application Fee per applicant (over the age of 18). ALL APPLICATION FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. The application process will not start until the application fees are paid. If you have difficulty paying for your application fee online, you may contact our office during business hours.

5. Allow four business days to process the application. Any delay in processing is usually due to non-verifiable information such as not being able to reach your current/prior landlord or employer. We need daytime phone numbers to reach you to confirm your approval.

6. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE: If your application is approved, you will be required to place a holding deposit in certified funds (Money Order or Cashier’s Check, ONLY) within 1 business-day of approval. We DO NOT accept online transfers in this instance.

7. It is required that the applicant, or an applicant’s representative, views the interior and exterior of the property. A Real Estate Agent must show you the property. You may contact any Real Estate Agent of your choice to show you the property. If you aren’t working with a real estate agent, you may contact our office during business hours for assistance.

8. The property is offered and accepted in its present condition, “as-is” “where-is”, including but not limited to overall cleanliness, all present appliances appearance and performance, color scheme and condition of the painting, condition of the flooring, window coverings and screens (interior and exterior), general landscaping or any other cosmetic issues as the original date the applicant previewed the Property prior to submitting an application.

9. If an application is submitted without all the information and the required documentation stated above it will delay our process and will affect the outcome of your application. Please, be aware that Innova Realty & Management reserves the right to run multiple applications at the same time and will process all applications received.

Our Policy for Denials:
If any of the following applies to you, please consult with your real estate agent before submitting an application.
– Past Evictions.
– Rent judgments or derogatory accounts relating housing.
– Unsatisfactory or unverifiable Verification of Residence.
– Registered Sex Offender.



How long can you hold a property for?
A: 14 days from application date.
Is my application fee refundable?

A:The $75.00 application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Innova Realty & Management reserves the right to process multiple applications at the same time.

Only in the exceptional event the application is not processed the application fee will be refunded back to the applicant, in which case there is a $5.00 transaction fee that is deducted per applicant.

How do I apply?

A:All applications are to be completed and paid for online at our website.

Who needs to apply?

A: All occupants over 18 years of age MUST submit a separate application and applicable fees. All applications must be received for us to continue our process.

How do I get my security deposit back?

A: The best way to get your deposit returned is to return the keys to a rental unit that is as nice (or nicer) than when you moved in. By law, the owner can deduct reasonable costs from your security deposit to repair or replace anything not considered “normal wear and tear.” Everything should be clean and in good repair, and the unit should be ready to rent again when you vacate.

May I pay my rent with a credit card?
A: Yes! Through your tenant’s portal, you’ll have the option to pay rent using your banking information, using a credit card (additional CC fees may apply), or in cash at any 7-Eleven or CVS stores (a convenience store fee may apply).

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